Why you should always show support

Hi Guys! How did your day go today? 

A typical week day for me is always longggggggg but thanks to my awesome colleagues at work who keep it interesting. I love you guys! 

Support is a way of showing love and as Christians we all are expected to show love to our neighbors. 

Whenever I help someone out in any little way I can, I’m always so happy. 

Sometimes it could be taking out of my time to listen or assist with something, financially or materially. 

Even as friends, we should encourage each other in whatever positive thing we do. There’s space for everyone at the top as we are all unique in our own different ways. 

Find what makes you, you and what works for you and then push till you get to the top. Don’t copy, don’t envy. Be original. 

Support your friends even as you are trying to build something for yourself. 

You should always be ready to assist in any little way you can because someday you will need help too. 

Always have this at the back of your mind because you don’t know who you will help today that will become great and would repay that act of kindness in a mind blowing way. 

Sleepwell. XO. 

Photo: Carolinatime

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