A Reminder

For the past three Sundays, I have attended Catholic Mass. That’s the closest church to where I’m staying right now and believe me I remember every sermon the priest has taught and I’m consciously putting everything I have learnt to practice.  

Back home in Nigeria, i attend a Pentecostal Church so my first Sunday here in New Jersey, I kept an open mind as I wasn’t sure what church I would be fellowshipping with and I really just wanted a word to keep me through the week. 

Mass was for an hour. Solemn. Beautiful.

My first Sunday, the priest urged us to love everyone around us. Pray for the sick, the poor, everyone. He urged us to be a blessing in any little way we can everyday and that’s what Jesus wants us to do. Show love. This is how we prove we love Him. 

My second Sunday, the priest urged us to be more attentive. We focused on Mary and Martha. I learnt to pay attention to the things that are important. My relationship with God. My family. My career. School work. I learnt not to be distracted. 

From today’s service, I took down a few things to remember and to share with you. 

Before you can ask God for anything, you need to be in a relationship with Him. 

How do you see your relationship with God at this time of your life? Sit back and answer this question honestly before you sleep today. Our relationship with God should evolve, be more intimate. Should grow.

 We get distracted by millions of things happening around us but let’s not forget to “Breathe in Christ so we can breathe out the tension“. 

Don’t be afraid to breathe in Christ once tension or fear begins to set in and you are about to give up 

Our prayers change us and not God. As we surrender to our prayers we become more like our teacher Jesus.

Just as doctors practice medicine and professors practice teaching, as Christians we practice prayer. 

Jesus assures us over and again in the New Testament that no prayer goes unanswered. 

Do you trust Him on this ? 

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  1. Can you make the fonts a little bigger? Thanks.

  2. Good reminder.

  3. Jst what I needed this morning 🙏#breathinChristtobreathoutthetension..God bless u sister girl👍

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