Finding Freedom Through Facing the Truth

Only things that you keep hidden have power over you. What we hide torments us. Confession is valuable. It gets things out in the open. 

Do you have secrets weighing you down? 

Have you tried talking to God? 
Sin. We need to call it what it is. God wants to hear us confess our sins. 
When we call it what it is then we can truly repent. 

God wants everything between us to be clear, clean and free. He wants us to live life without the fear of being found out. 

Yes, there might be a little embarrassment in talking about what we’ve done but it sets us free. We feel better when we talk about it. 

Are you so angry, jealous, bitter or having other negative feelings ? Good news, Gods word sets us free from every negative feeling. 

Talking to him about our truth sets us free. He gives us peace and freedom and that can only come with God. God then gives us tools to help try to reach out to others. 

Your tool could be through dancing, drawing, singing, and a whole lot more. I know mine is through writing. 

You have probably heard the saying “Our secrets make us sick“. Well, bringing them out in the open delivers us from its power. God doesn’t want us living full of guilt all the time. He forgives our iniquities  and frees us from guilt. 

You choose what you’re going to believe. I encourage you to believe the word of God over your feelings and emotions. 
When you begin to think and believe the things that God says about you, you walk in victory. 

What will you believe ? 

Photo: TruthAnchor

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  1. Hmmmmm… A good way to start my week. Thanks for this. 🙂

  2. I dont mind revealing my secrets as long ad the cofession is only between me and God

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