Studying the word of God

We are not doing God a favour when we read the bible. 

When we study the bible, we are doing ourselves a favour because that word is the food we need to keep our spirits strong. We need spiritual strength and energy just like our bodies need food. 

Is the word of God still applicable for today? 

The bible has answers to all your questions. When God talks there is power in it and the bible teaches us that when we study the word of God we are changed in His image. 

The bible tells us how God thinks and talks. When we come into a new relationship with God, we want to change, we want to be better. The word helps us renew our mind and this helps us change. 

We believe that in Christ we are a new creature and we learn to think differently as we read the bible. We should learn the different places to look out for the different things we need. 

Studying the word of God is extremely valueable to us. It’s not something we have to do to stay on Gods good side. 

Understand that it is something you do for you not God. He wrote the book. He knows what’s in it. There’s so many things that are practical to everyday life that’s in it. 

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand. The more you read Gods word is like a relationship. You spending time with the one you love. You want more time with the person. 

People have trouble trusting God because they don’t know about the faithfulness of God.

There’s no rule on where to start reading the bible from but you can start from the book of John. John talks about love and God and Gods love for us. 

We have so much information available to us. There are books written by great men and women of God. Buy a few on your interests and questions you need answers to. 

Get a bible translation you feel you can understand. I love New Living Translation and The Amplified Version. There are numerous translations. 

It’s like finding a good doctor. Pick one that fits with you and you understand. 

To just read the bible, you might go from subject to subject but to study let’s say you read psalm 56:1 and from that verse you pick just mercy (for example) and you study that. Learn everything you can about from bible dictionaries, bible commentaries, then you look up the bible texts that come with it so you understand. Keep a notebook, write things down. Find what’s good for you. You don’t have to follow someone else’s pattern. 

If you’re looking to learn about healing then you look out for bible passages on that and study. If you’re looking to learn about anger, you do the same. 

The bible also teaches us to meditate on the word of God. This means going over and over on what you have read so it’s not just in your head but it moved over to your heart. 
Thirty Days Challenge: For the next 30 days take out 30 minutes everyday to read the bible. Please come back to share your experience. I’d love to know. 

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  1. I’m doing the challenge, I started about a week ago. I’m glad I’m not the only one (:

  2. I will start the challenge now

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