Staying Free of Offenses


We should learn to keep our hearts free of offenses. Everyday, we are going to get opportunities to be upset. People are going to say things we do not understand. Maybe someone is rude to you at the mall or a co-worker leaves you out of an important meeting. Offenses are going to come. That is just a part of life.

So many people are living with their feelings on their shoulder. They let the smallest things upset them. If we are going to live in victory we have got to learn how to not take these offenses. Just because an offense comes, doesn’t mean it has to affect us.

The word offense in the scripture comes from a Greek word that means bait. It is used in reference to how they would catch animals. The bait lures the animal to the trap. If you are tempted to be offended, recognise that’s the enemy offering you his bait.

We need to be aware of what’s happening, the next time you have the opportunity to be offended, instead of falling into that same trap, just say no thanks, I am not going to take the bait. I’m going to live my life free. I am going to enjoy this day.

One of the best things we can learn to do is forgive quickly. When somebody does you wrong, learn to immediately let it go. Do not play that offense over and over in your mind, trying to figure out what they really meant. The quicker you let it go, the easier it will be.

We cannot stop offenses from coming but we can keep them from dragging us down. Do not allow the offense to take root.

The bible talks about putting on the whole armour of God. One of its most important pieces is our shoes of peace. You have to make a decision first thing in the morning that no matter what comes at you, you are not going to get upset or offended, you are going to stay in peace. Have the attitude that if someone ignores you, that’s alright. They are probably having a bad day. You are going to give the person  a benefit of doubt and move on.

We have to have a made up mind that we are going to stay in peace and we are going to live free. People are constantly taking the bait. You are giving the enemy control over you. Keep your peace. When the enemy cannot upset you, he cannot control you. When you are in peace, you are in a position of power. 1 Corinthians 13:5.

If we are going to have healthy relationships, we are going to have to give people a little room to perform perfectly all the time.

Everyone has the right to have a bad day once in a while. That’s okay. There are no perfect people so learn to let some things go to keep the poison out of your relationship. Don’t wear your feelings on your shoulder. Toughen up. Don’t be so sensitive so people have to walk on egg shells around you.

People don’t really mean to hurt our feelings, we just take things wrong. We are either too sensitive or a little insecure. You are responsible for your own happiness. Nobody can make you drink that poison. If you start putting on your shoes of peace, you can come up to a whole new level.

Don’t live your life going around all offended, like Paul did, leave it to God. God has promised He will make our wrongs right. Life is too short to live angry, offended or bitter. You can’t help it if people get offended. Anytime you start to see more of the negative than the positive, you need to check your own heart. You will see there is something wrong with you at the time.

If you can keep offenses out of your life, life will be easier. Instead of believing the worst, believe the best in people. We overcome evil by doing good. Love makes allowances. Love believes the best. It covers a persons fault. It is easy to justify our own behaviour but why don’t we show the same amount of mercy to others.

We need to learn to be more merciful. Learn to overlook some insults. Instead of being quick to judge let us be quick to show mercy. Instead of spending time playing the offense over and over in our head, let us spend the time praying for the person instead. We only see the surface, we do not know what is going on with the person.

Love always takes the high road. It is always part of the solution and not the problem.

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  1. True… You’re responsible for your happiness.
    Another way to avoid taking offense is experiencing joy in the Holy Ghost. Just allow joy feel your heart, first reaction is laugh and you will sure feel better.
    Nice piece Biola.

  2. Thank you temi. I totally agree with your contribution. 🙂

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