Tell Someone How You Feel


We have ten days left in this month and this week is a special one. Easter comes up during the weekend. Yay!. Spend your Easter doing something ‘good different’ than you normally would have.

I enjoy sharing what i learn. It could be from a message i listened to, or a book i read, or a conversation i had with a friend or from things that happen around me. Anything.

The headline ‘tell someone how you feel‘ is the third chapter of Joyce Meyer’s book on ‘Living Beyond your Feelings‘. At the end of the chapter she urges us to make a decision and confession that we will be authentic and truthful in our walk with God and with our fellow human beings.

We all have an inbred desire to tell someone how we feel, but telling the wrong person only makes our problems worse. Talking excessively about a situation can easily drift into complaining, and that is a sin. Take time to read the scriptures in this post and consider what they are really saying.

1 Corinthians 10:8-10. In our quest to talk to someone about what is upsetting us, we need to be careful not to move into complaining or to make the mistake of talking to the wrong person. You might ask who is the right person?

If you really just need to vent in a healthy way and perhaps want a good friend to pray for you, then choosing a trusted friend, family member or spiritual leader would be the right person. Just express your feelings and follow up by reminding yourself that God can heal you and resolve your situation.

If your situation is serious and you seem to be at a stand-still, consider professional counseling. That kind of talking can be healthy because the counselor will try to help you face repressed issues that may be producing unhealthy emotions in your life. Talking to a counselor can be a good thing, but never forget that the absolute best person to talk to is God.

David was not reticent about telling God exactly how he felt. He also followed up by stating that he was trusting God to be faithful to keep His promises. Often, David would remind God of something He had promised in His word. Psalm 13:1-6.

Never stuff your feelings inside and just let them eat away at you. People who repress pain and never learn to deal with it properly eventually explode or implode and neither one is a good choice.

Express yourself to God or to a person God wants to use. Express yourself in a godly way. This way you own your emotions rather than letting them own you.

God wants us to be honest and real. Do not fall into the trap of thinking all your feelings are wrong. Being a person of faith does not mean you will never have negative or ungodly feelings. We will experience feelings that need to be dealt with, but we can always exercise our faith in God and ask Him to help us not allow our feelings to control us. 2 Corinthians 5:7.

What we feel is not a sin as long as we are talking to God about it and securing His strength to choose to act on His word and not how we feel. You can feel angry about an injustice, but if you deal with it properly then it will not become sin. Ephesians 4:26.

The truth makes us free. We are to deal truly, live truly and above all be truthful with God and ourselves. We cannot have plastic relationships built on pretense.


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