The Winning Side 


This message was taught by the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E.A. Adeboye,  at the March 2016 Special Holy Ghost Service.

April Theme – Little Lights (Special Holy Ghost Service. Ensure you attend with your children or siblings)
Bible Text – 1 Samuel 17: 45-52

Winners have certain characteristics;

1. The Winning Side Is a singing and dancing side. [1 Sam 18:6, psalm 59:16]. 

When you dance you’re saying to the Almighty, I am proclaiming to anyone, showing to the world. God you are my owner. 2 Sam 6:14-22. David definitely qualifies as a winner. He was a singer and a dancer. Because I acknowledge God as my owner, I can enjoy in the presence of my enemies. Dancers will always be victors.

2. The Winning Side is always shouting and clapping. Psalm 47:1.

To be a winner you have to have understanding. Rev 9:6. Clapping means you’re full of joy. Isaiah 55:12. When you clap you are saying to God, I will cooperate with you. When you cooperate with God you cannot loose.

3. Matt 16:18. Gates don’t move. They stay where they are. It is your duty to resist them. To attack them. Be bold. You are a conqueror. God is behind you. With God you cannot fail. The devil will only threathen. He has no powers left. Remember it is my Lord that won at the cross not the devil.

  • God has never failed before, He will not let my case tarnish His name.
  • Very soon, the rich will call me rich.
  • Very soon I will send out my own invitation.
  • The problems that God will solve in my life tonight will never raise its head again. Winners don’t just want to be healed, they want to be whole. Winners don’t just want their debts paid they want a situation whereby they never owe again.
  • I will say I do not know what debt is so called.
  • Winners don’t just want to be fruitful, they want to be very fruitful.
  • It is God that has kept me safe up until now, I will not be afraid of the future.
  • In my darkest hour, He will send me light.
  • From tonight onwards, darkness will never hinder my progress again.

4. Winners are always persistent till the end. True winners never stop at almost successful. 2 kings 4:1-7. Winners do not take no for an answer. They keep pressing forward until the victory comes. Gen 32:24-28.
5. Winners are always submissive and obedient. The Lord is the one who must be obeyed. Elijah was one of the greatest winners of all time. He was a ‘yes’ man. The day you get to that stage, that whatever God says you should do that’s what you will do (absolute obedience), that day, you overcome. He will return your shame to victory. Deut 28:7. Exo 15:26. John 2:1-11. When you are submissive to God, and absolutely obedient to Him, your victory is settled.
6. Every winner is always grateful and they always pay their tithe. Gen 14:17-20. Abraham paid his tithe as gratitude to the God who gave him victory. Those who don’t pay their tithes are cursed and a cursed person cannot have victory. Numbers 22:1-6 and Numbers 23:5-8 shows nobody can curse someone who God hasn’t cursed. According to Malachi 3:8-11, if you’re robbing God of tithes you’re living under the curse of God himself. To remain a winner, you cannot afford to annoy God. Romans 8:31. The end of this verse is a question mark. You can be against yourself even if God is for you.

7. Winners are always pure and holy. Because in warfare, you need an ally. It is an acceptable means of war that when the battle is too fierce for you you get an ally. When you get the victory that’s all that matters. there is no better ally than the Lord of hosts. Two people cannot work together unless they agree. Numbers 23:18-23. Joshua 7:1-12. Nothing is impossible with God!. Who is that enemy that can withstand you when God is on your side. I’ve seen too much of Him to doubt him. Ask yourself why you are fighting a losing battle. Find out where sin is in your life and get rid of it.
Prayer Points 

1. Praise him that I belong to the Winning side

2. Father, in the name of Jesus, I decree every sickness, every disease in my family as a whole, leave tonight! 

3. Father, in the name of Jesus, I decree, every agent of the devil in my home, get out tonight! 

4. Every force, standing in my way, be destroyed tonight. 

5. Father, in the name of Jesus, I command Satan to take his dirty hands, off me, off my family, off my finances and off the church of God.

Beginning from now, my isrealite journey ends!

From this moment on I will have direct access to success, to victory and anyone and anything blocking my destiny will be gone before the sun rises. 

I will testify! 

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