The Perfect End

Because when one door closes, we find ourselves at the beginning of another phase. And death gives room for new life, and the end is only a chance for new beginnings.

If only love was a fairy tale, I’d have everything I ever wanted. A man in whose arms I’d fall asleep in at night, and a face with prickly beard stubbles to wake me up in the morning.

“Hold my hand” he said to me. “I’ll show you worlds you have never seen and tell you tales your mind could never imagine. Love could be a fairytale, if you let me, I will show you”

Pinch me, Wake me up! This dream is too surreal. Did I say love isn’t a fairytale? What did I know? What was it God said about love again? Perfect love casts out fear! Yes that was it. That’s the only way I could explain how I went from being scared of forever alone, to my heart bursting out in happiness at the mere sight of him.

I had never met anyone as fascinating as she. Even with her broken heart, she managed to love with every fragment that was left of it. I saw in her eyes childlike trust as I told her tales she had never heard. Her smile was like a million stars shining so brightly you couldn’t miss. I had found her. She was mine.


“Inquisitive” That was one of the qualities she claimed I didn’t have. She on the other hand, had probably taken more than usual dose given to one person. She loved surprises, but she wanted to know what the surprise was. In all the time I’d known her, this was the one time I’d succeeded in keeping my secret.



As I got on my knees, I saw the surprise in her eyes. I chuckled to myself because we had talked about this so many times. Her friends had given me all possible hints. Take her to the moon, take her to the stars, she likes her diamonds blue but simple.

Her: When people say things like “You turned my world downside up”, “You mean the world to me”, “You are the ONE for me”, they sound like cliché’s. But you have turned those seemingly cliché statements into reality for me. I am blessed beyond measure to have found you. My lover, my help meet, my soul mate. I stand here and pour out my life to you. I am yours, today, forever & always.

Him: I promise you love. Love that comes like ocean torrents, love that is beyond doubt and questions. Perfect love, without fear. I promise you protection. With every physical means possible I will protect you. And when I cannot, I promise to get on my knees to pray down heaven’s protection on you. I promise you multiplication. To nurture you and help you grow. And multiply your DNA so that when we are no more, our legacy will remain in the little ones God has blessed us with.


Man & wife; they were before all to see. Having proclaimed their love for themselves and defied all that stood against them. Their hearts beating with excitement and expectation. Their world had just changed. Finally, their dreams had become reality and their joy knew no bounds.



For a moment, she lost herself in her thoughts. Reminiscing on what life was before she met Him. How everything fell into place with him. He did not overshadow her but with him her star shined brighter. She could not quantify the joy of having someone to pick her up when she was down. She was saying a little prayer when she heard her name. “Rose, look here… Rose, smile”. It was the photographer calling out to her.


Coming back to her consciousness, she smiled. Not because she’d been asked to, but because she was where she wanted to be at that exact moment and she knew that from that day forth, she had a man whose arms she could fall asleep in and wake up most days to prickly beard stubbles from her beloved’s face.


Because love is only the beginning. And when two become one, the fire that sparks between them begins to burn brighter and brighter. And all that see their flame can tell of their love which is pure and perfect. And all that feel the warmth can tell that there is a kind of love that only stems from One who is God.


This was written by Ibukun Awosika. Read more of what she has been up to on here


Outfits by Fiber Rose (Instagram: fiber_rose) 

Photography by stjphotography (Instagram: stjphotography_)


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