RCCG 2016 Daily Fast (Day 20)

Day 20, Saturday 30th January, 2016

Lord, preserve and protect our leaders from the schemes and craftiness of men. Psalm 31:20

Father, strengthen our leaders as they face the challenges that come with responsibilities of leadership. Ephesians 3:16

Lord, give our leaders wisdom, knowledge and understanding for leadership. 1Samuel 2:35 & 1Chronicles 12:32

Father, release uncommon strategies and creative solutions to our leaders. Proverbs 8:12, Daniel 5:11-14

Lord, anoint our leaders with fresh oil. Psalm 92:10, Psalm 89:20

Lord, raise a hedge of protection around all Pastors, ordained ministers, leaders and their family.

Father, preserve leaders health and let them fulfil your counsel and mandate. Psalm 89:22-29, Psalm 91:9-16


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