Happy Birthday Daddy.

I woke up this morning not at peace. This was because I sinned before I went to bed & I couldn’t find the courage to ask for mercy.

God said to come BODLY before His throne of grace to obtain mercy.

I began to get ready for work. I was a few minutes late. I was asking the Holy Spirit to help me pray. I couldn’t deal with not being at peace.

He reminded me it was Daddy G.O’s birthday. Immediately I found myself praying for him, I told God I’d really love to wish him a happy birthday.

Pastor Enoch Adejire Adeboye. My Mentor. 💚

You and my dad. Pastor Buki Jinadu have no idea how much I adore you both. Each time I remember you both, i thank God for the salvation of your souls and how much He has used you both to bless lives.

I believe the Holy Spirit brought daddy to mind because He knew that’s where I’d find courage to pray.

I hope someday I’d get to chance to sit with you and listen to you talk about God and how you found him & testimonies from your walk with Him.

I love you so much Daddy. Can’t wait to sit with the congregation March Holy Ghost Service and hear you talk about The Almighty. Our Redeemer.

Have the best day. God bless you & strengthen you for mummy, your family & me.

Happy Birthday Dad 💜



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