The Keys Of David.

September Holy Ghost Service

Every great man has a secret. That secret is called a key. This key is a small implement with extra ordinary power & influence. God’s presence is a key & we have the key of God’s presence in our midst whenever we fellowship.

David’s secret is found in psalm 34 verse 1
“I will extol the Lord at all times; his PRAISE will always be on my lips.”
His secret was praise and he was always quick to apologize. He realized mercy was not a license to sin but a license to conviction.
Solomon’s Secret = worship
Elijah’s secret = Instance obedience

What is your secret ? You need one in order to be great.

The man with the key to the car controls speed. Thank God, Jesus has the key to accelerated promotion. This is seen in Acts 3:1-8
The one with the key to the house controls accommodation. John 14:1-3 shows us, Jesus controls accommodation, thank God.
The one with the key to the kitchen controls food. Thank God, Jesus has the key to provision. Jesus speaking in John 6:48 says “I am the bread of life”
The one who has the key to the generator controls power. Matthew 3:11 tells us Jesus has the key to the generator. Thanks be to God for his unspeakable gifts.

The key, as small as it is, is the only access that can grant one access to the car, house, kitchen & generator.
John 14:6 says “Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’ The full meaning of this verse is “I am the one who grants you access.”
1 peter 2:24 tells Jesus has the key to healing. He gets excited when doctors say “there’s nothing more we can do.”
Jesus has the key to prosperity. This is seen in Luke 5:1-7.

Put science apart. You CAN NEVER explain God!

We have been given the master key. The master key opens every door.
HOLINESS is the master key. Holiness simply means to obey God.
Why would anyone want to loose the master key?

Reading Deuteronomy 28:1-13, provided you satisfy verse 1, we see that holiness is the master key to wealth, victory, breakthrough, fruitfulness, accelerated and permanent promotion and heaven.
No matter how much you pray for a person, if he or she is not holy it is a waste of time because sin in the life of the person hinders your prayers from being answered.

Stay Away From Sin! Withdraw from sin! Pray for the grace to live holy.

I thank God I belong to the one who has the key of David. Have a great week and remember Jesus Has No Limit! So Get Excited!


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