11:52pm Friday 25th.

Trying to get past how I feel right now. Decided to write about my week so far spent.

It’s all temporary.. Pain, circumstances, situations, even life itself.

Besides my NYSC I don’t know what’s next and I’m not worried. The second book I read this week made me realize I am satisfied with Jesus Christ, His love, His peace, His plan for me and His goal. I never want to try to be a step ahead of Him of which is even impossible.

I’m not so open. I hardly talk about stuff I’m going through.

Sometime this week a thought came in to talk about how I felt to God and not think it in my heart. I mean speak the words like he’s a person right there listening to me. I felt it’d be like I was going insane. Two nights afterwards I was extremely upset and as usual had no confidant I was nudged to try it. Words cannot describe the peace I felt afterwards.

The Holy Ghost My Confidant. ā¤ļø

Never rely on your strength. By His grace I’m never going to rely on my strength.

The latter part of 1 Samuel 2:9 says ‘For by strength shall no man prevail’

A friend is supposed to love you at all times. Have you ever found a friend like that in this world ? There is only one friend that loves at all times. He is the only friend that says when you’re going through the shadow of death, he will be with you.

Right now, I’m extremely thankful for my family. No matter how much we argue and don’t get things done sometimes at the right time, home is where my heart is. I’m not going to run. I never want Gods permissive will because attached to that is a bit of pain.

Thank you for keeping us together. May your perfect will be done always and forever. Amen.

This coming week, find time to speak to God about anything & everything. You might not hear him speak back but I promise you’ll be at peace as long as you love and obey him.

The proof of love is obedience. If you love Him, you will obey Him and in turn you will experience his love.

Have a beautiful weekend. šŸ˜Š


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  1. Going through these past three weeks of my life, Life couldn’t get any worse but He is the reason I can relate to all you’ve written and I’m grateful. One thing I learnt once is that times like this draws our attention to Him. Great post.

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