This Psalm Came Alive To Me

On Sunday, I woke up feeling some type of way. I can’t really describe it but it definitely wasn’t a great feeling. I was contemplating going to church.

Thankfully, Google Maps showed there was barely any traffic and Bolt was estimating NGN 2,000 which was a really good price! A few minutes went by and my cousin asked if I was going to church. I told him yes and because I have decided to honour my words (even when it gets hard to), I decided I’d go.

I’ll digress a bit. A few months ago, I read through Psalm 15 and it talks about the kind of people who would be on the guest list to a dinner with God. Verse 5 stood out to me and I decided in my heart that I would always keep my word – I always want to be on Yahweh’s guest list 🥳

“Keep your word even when it costs you, make an honest living, never take a bribe.”

Psalm 15 verse 5 – The Message Translation

Back to the gist, during my Bolt ride to church, I asked God to send me a word. I had such a great week so I didn’t understand how I was feeling off all of a sudden. As God would have it, the sermon was titled Opening the Book of Remembrance. We read so many scriptures but it was Psalm 20 for me. The entire chapter!

I broke down in tears and prayed that Psalm over myself, my loved ones and Nigeria. I meditated on it till it sunk into my heart. I’m SO expectant to see God remember me, my family, Nigeria and everyone connected to me (including you reading this) for good, in Jesus name. Amen.

In the New Century Version, verse 1 – 3 says, “May the Lord answer you in times of trouble. May the God of Jacob protect you. May he send you help from his Temple and support you from Mount Zion. May he remember all your offerings and accept all your sacrifices.”

It’s my prayer He does. Be expectant.

Happy New Month ❤️

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