Prayers From The Heart

I’ve been using Nicky Gumbel’s “Bible in one year” plan on the YouVersion app and I LOVE the heartfelt prayers in the devotional.

As I pray along with him daily, I make sure I mean the words I’m saying. It’s Day 119 and he shared on “The Battle Today is Around Jesus”.

From Psalm 53:1-6, we learn that there is no one like Jesus and we prayed together;

Lord, thank you that now it is possible for me to have the righteousness from God that comes through faith in Jesus to all who believe.

From John 1:1-28, we see that Jesus is the One & Only. (Verse 14, 18 in The Message Translation). He is the ‘one-of-a-kind God-expression’ (v.18, MSG). Pray with me;

Jesus, I worship you, the unique Word of God. I pray today for fresh revelation of who you are and a deeper understanding of what it means to be a child of God.

From Joshua 15:1-16:10, we see that Jesus is the unique Savior. There is nothing more wonderful than taking hold of salvation through faith in Him and becoming His friend. Let’s pray;

Lord, today I want to seek you. Thank you that you have revealed yourself in Jesus Christ – full of grace and truth. Help me to live a life that is full of grace and truth. I call on you for help in all the tasks I undertake and all the words that I speak – may I be full of grace and truth.

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