Truth From The Inside Out

Sometime last week, the Lord helped me understand that there’s victory in vulnerability and this is what He desires – “truth from the inside out”.

“What You’re after is truth from the inside out”.

David, Psalm 51 verse 6 (The Message Translation)

I wasn’t happy with a friend of mine and I didn’t mention. I was trying my very best not to assume at the same time not pull away but it was really hard.

This particular friend doesn’t share as much as I’d like and it was part of the reasons I didn’t want to address how I was feeling. I was hoping the Holy Spirit would help me get over it. Little did I know He had something for me to learn.

Anyway, this person brought it up the next day and surprisingly opened up and those few minutes spent in an honest conversation eased up the hours of tension.

The Lord helped me see that even in my relationship with Him, that’s what He desires. He made me realize that I find it hard to share with Him as much as He would like but unlike me that got upset with my friend and wanted to pull away, He’s patient and His love for me is unconditional.

It was such a powerful revelation for me and I’ve been more intentional with sharing my feelings, asking questions and being so open with His Spirit and it’s been so beautiful.

Thank You Lord for this revelation. I love You ❤️

If you get a chance, please listen to this series Maybe God by Pastor Steven Furtick. The Lord also stressed this (victory in vulnerability) to me as he preached this series.

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