Faith Exercise

I’m taking a Faith Class with Kornerstone Counselling Centre and we’re required to do daily faith exercises.

Like I shared last week, faith is believing something so much you do something about it. Your action is sparked by your belief and as a Christian, this belief should be in God and His word.

My faith project at the start of the class was to get to a point where I’m able to give to help others even if it means giving all I have because I know my source (God) never runs dry so I can never be in need.

On Friday, my dad messaged me about someone who was rushed to the hospital and needed some money to sort out the hospital bill. I cleared out my account to send the funds this person needed and I didn’t even think twice about this. He said he’d refund but I told him not to that I was happy to help.

The next day, I got a call from a client I had done some work for the previous week. He told me he just wanted to thank me for the work I did and how professional I was and he had sent a thank you cash gift!

Its only been two weeks and I’m thankful I now truly believe God is my source and my faith project has been completed. I definitely will pick up another one.

I’d like you to join me in doing faith exercises. It could be anything! Traffic clearing up as you head out, you not loosing your temper but relying on the Holy Spirit to keep you calm, forgiving that person that hurt you and walking in love or what you’ll eat today. It could be anythinggggg!

As we keep practicing God’s word and seeing results, it strengthens our faith and that’s the beautiful thing about our life in Christ! We are transformed daily, we grow from strength to strength!

I look forward to you sharing your faith exercises with me!

Have an amazing week. Love youuuu!

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