Discerning God’s Will

Today was an insightful day for me, I thank God.

I listened to a message by Apostle Joshua Selman, a friend shared the link with me yesterday and it gave me a new perspective on discerning God’s will.

I’ll share my take away with you but just incase you’re interested in watching, you can watch —–> here

What exactly is the will of God, can it change?

Logos – in John 1:1, it’s translated to mean “word”.

1. It also means the thoughts of a man.

2. The thinking, The ideas.

3. It also means the desire or intentions of a man.

4. The communications or speakings of a man that’s consistent with what he’s speaking.

Jeremiah 29:11. It starts with God thinking. It doesn’t start with His words.

The will of God represents His idea, His desire, His thoughts for a man / for a people. It’s a communication of Gods desires, intention on that subject matter I’m considering or my life.

It is applicable only as far as his purposes are concerned – the advancement of His kingdom.

God also gave man a will and the will of man is also useful in making decisions consistent with Gods purpose. Although, the will of man can super impose over the will of God.

There’s also the written will of God – understanding Gods character through scriptures. To know how God would have operated in certain matters.

It doesn’t matter what dimension, every book of the Bible contains Gods dealings with man. I’m bringing my spirit to oneness in the way God does his things.

The word of God is the primary instrument for discerning the will of God. It was given to men by God to know His will. My chances for walking in error is greatly minimized when I consult the word of God.

Two dimensions to the will of God;

1. The written will of God – it doesn’t give exemptions

2. The revealed will of God describes his communication to me based on my personal needs.

3 major ways to discern the will of God;

1.Peace and Joy: The absence of peace is the absence of the presence for God’s kingdom and His will. His kingdom is made of peace and Joy. They are standard spiritual languages of communication.

2.Visions & Dreams: God uses this to communicate His revealed will to people. Although visions, dreams and prophetic experience can but manipulated but however, you can work with God and have this as an express means of communication with Him. You don’t have dreams and visions at will. It is exclusively the ministry of the Holy Spirit communicating the purpose of God and not according to your desire. If it were your will, the kingdom of darkness can manipulate that.

3.The Prophetic: The prophetic is real and can give direction. It is a ministry created by God so men can know His will. His revealed & unique will. However, there are 2 limitations; the accuracy of reception and interpretation is subject to the man of God’s personal word content. When you study the Bible, you know how God works and then you’ll be able to interpret the prophetic. You operate the prophetic within the jurisdiction of the word of God.

There’s a system God built in the body to help us grow in discernment, it’s called praying in the spirit (praying in tongues).

Don’t ever ask God if it is His will for something that has been clearly stated in the Bible.

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