Little Prayer, Big Prize

I’m currently reading the prayer of Jabez by Bruce Wilkinson. I just finished the first chapter but a few things stood out to me;

    The writer had to take a break from listing the genealogy of Judah to talk about Jabez and immediately after he did, he went back right to listing. Lol!
    The writer let’s us know that Jabez was more honorable than any of his brothers! This to me means Jabez made a decision to live in obedience to God just like the 3 Hebrew boys.
    Jabez prayed a simple and sincere prayer – 4 lines and that was it fam!
    His name literally was supposed to work against him as Jabez meant “Pain” but He knew it was only God that could change his situation regardless of what he was called.

Culture keeps changing and people believe God’s word has changed and it’s okay to conform to the way of the world but I know and if you check your heart, you know aswell that God wants us to live honorably, I believe this means to live in obedience to his word (Jesus being our example).

Asides from living honorably, I’m choosing to pray simple and sincere prayers to God.

Thankfully, my name “Abiola” means “We gave birth to wealth” (my parents speaking). This means I’m wealth so I’m also choosing to believe that and put in more effort in my job & the business God has blessed me with me so that the meaning of my name can become a reality.

I don’t know about you but I’m deciding to live honorably. I hope you join me! 😊

God help us 🙏🏼

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  1. God bless you too for this phenomenon piece.

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