Put Into Practice

I came to the realization on Thursday, August 8th that if I really do want to trust God, I need to let go of everything. Regardless of whether I took the right steps, or said the right thing, if I don’t “let go & let God“, I’ll still struggle trusting Him.

I was expecting some money to pay my rent. It was due on Friday, August 9th. I had started the process to getting it paid on time over a month ago and at the last minute I wasn’t getting any responses and it was almost as if I’d miss the payment. Last thing I wanted to do was borrow to pay my rent. Lol.

Typical Biola would have panicked and cried but somehow, I found strength to trust that God will make it happen. I felt like I had done my part to start the process and get paid on time so i was leaving it to God to come through.

Friday morning, I made a phone call reminder and everything worked out. My rent has been paid. This experience helped strengthen my faith and I thought to share.

We have to put to practice everything we’re learning. Not just with God. In our relationships with others, our careers and businesses. As we learn, let’s do something about the new knowledge we’ve acquired.

God help us. 🙏🏼

If you put a belief or method into practice, you behave or act in accordance with it. Collinsdictionary.com

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  1. So apt.

    As a business owner, I can totally relate to this. It’s so easy to take in lessons in the moments and then default back to our old habits when it’s time to implement them.

    Thanks for sharing.

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