Happy “relocationiversary” to me!

Hola Amigosssssssss!

I know I’ve been missing in action for months now but today is a special day and a new beginning for me. It’s officially one year since my relocation to the U.S. and this past year was REALLY tough for me but, thanks to God, my dad and my mentor, I was able to have a mind shift and I pray that by God’s Grace I won’t stop shinning my light!

I’ve missed writing. I’ve missed sharing! How have you guys been?

I fought with depression, loneliness and just basically trying my best to stay mentally healthy! It wasn’t easy but I thank God for strength and the people he placed around me that I was able to draw strength from.

Just incase someone reading this is currently struggling with staying mentally healthy, I’ll share a couple of things that helped me get by and I pray one if not all of these work for you 🙏🏼

  • Look to meet the needs of others. I volunteered to teach 5th-6th graders every Friday for 7 months. There’s always something you can do for someone around you whilst you let God meet your needs.
  • Find someone or people you can talk and draw strength from. My mentor is ALWAYS positive! Her vocabulary is worthy of emulation! She ALWAYS has a solution to things and never sees anything as impossible. You need to have someone like this in your life.
  • Allow yourself feel sad or cry but REMEMBER to pick yourself back up.
  • Daily renew your mind with God’s word. So whether it’s by listening to a podcast / audio messages / song or reading your bible, books or devotional. Don’t stop feeding your spirit!

P.S: I’ll be uploading a new video on my YouTube channel tomorrow and you can watch here. Please don’t forget to subscribe, turn on the notification button / bell and share after watching!

Thank you! ❤️

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