RCCG 2019 Fast – Week 2 Prayer Points

FRIDAY 18th Jan 2019


1. Intense praise and worship.

2. Ask God for mercies for past acts of non commitment.

3. Pray that you will be more available for God’s use this year. 2 Tim 2:21.

4. Pray that our Churches at home and abroad will be more committed to the courses of mission outreaches. 2 Cor. 6:1.

5. Pray that they will be more passionately involved in missions, evangelism, Church planting and discipleship this year. Matt 28: 19

6. Pray that they will do this by the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Lk.24:49; Acts1:8;

7. Ask the Lord to send more (Labourers) missionaries to un-reached people groups. Matt 9:37-38, Mk.16:15.

8. Pray that the Church will have willingness and passion to commit more resources to missions, support and empowering of missionaries.

9. Pray that the end time spirit of lukewarmness will lose its hold over the life of brethren in the Church of God. 2 Tim 3:4

10. Pray that your love for God and the things of His house shall not wax cold. 2 Tim 3:2

SATURDAY 19th Jan 2019


1. Praise and worship.

2. Pray for fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon His Ministers and Missionaries in RCCG. Acts 1:8

3. Pray for fresh empowerment to preach the good news, proclaim freedom to prisoners, recovery of sight to the blind and release of the oppressed. Isaiah 61:1-3.

4. Pray for ministers and missionaries and their families, particularly those in the North – strength, wisdom, encouragement, protection and provision.

5. Pray for their anointing, compassion, revived prayer life, healthy family life, fruitfulness, grace and favor.

6. Pray for open heavens, God’s presence, courage, peace, joy, holy lifestyle, divine direction, mercy and long life.

7. Pray for signs and wonders, healings and deliverance to follow the ministry of missionaries on mission fields because unless people see the power, they will not believe.

8. Ask the Lord to send more (Laborers) missionaries to un-reached people groups. Matt 9:37-38, Mk.16:15.

9. Pray that the Church will have willingness and passion to commit more resources to missions, support and empowering of missionaries.

10. Pray that this year God will shield all our ministers from the increasing hazards in their ministerial assignment.

SUNDAY January 20th


1. praise and worship, thank God.

2. Thank God for the unprecedented favor and growth of RCCG Local and Foreign missions.

3. Ask God to empower RCCG missions the more to conquer more territories.

4. Pray for the missionaries to point people to Jesus and not seek undue recognition for themselves. Matt 5:16

5. Pray for RCCG Foreign missions and missionaries to model a life of dependence on God. Prov3:5-6

6. Ask God to give ministers in RCCG Missions the grace to know how to respond to each person. Col 4:6

7. Pray for a spirit of unity as RCCG Missions work together and with other ministry partners. Rom 15:5

8. Pray for them to be quick to take the escape routes God provides when temptation sneaks up on them. 1 Cor10:13b

9. Retreat with God: Pray for them to take personal prayer retreats to get their direction from Him. Isa 50:4

10. Pray for grace that the workers will be able to stand firm under affliction and to look forward to eternal glory. 2 Cor4:17

MONDAY 21st Jan 2019


1. Praise and worship.

2. Thank God for the salvation of your soul

3. Father, please pray for your son the General Overseer, increase his strength, anointing and wisdom in Jesus name.

4. Pray for Daddy and Mummy G.O that God will empower them the more to cope with their ministerial assignments in RCCG. Isa. 41:10-18

5. Let us pray that God in His mercy will silence every evil personality that is making the ministerial assignments uneasy for Daddy G.O. Ps.143:11-12

6. Let us pray that God will fortify the strength of Daddy and Mummy G O. Isa. 41:13-14. Ask God to fortify Pastor E.A. Adeboye more with His ultimate Power.

7. Let us ask for God’s protection on Daddy G O’s family Ps 125:2

8. Let us ask God to contend with those contending with Pastor E. A. Adeboye and his family. lsa.49:24-26.

9. Have mercy oh Lord and let the “Tomorrow” of Pastor E.A Adeboye be well.

10. Pray that all their children will love and serve the Lord till the end.

TUESDAY 22ND Jan 2019


1. Father, let your light shine into every situation of our lives. Gen 1.3

2. Father, let your light overshadow every activities of darkness in your Church. Gen 1.3

3. Father, expose every secret of your enemies in all our parishes. Gen 1.4

4. Father, as smoke is driven away, so let the wicked be driven away from our homes. Psa. 68.2

5. Father, as wax melts in the presence of fire, so let the wicked melt away in our countries. Psa. 68.2

6. Father, put a new song in the mouth of your children. Psa. 40.3

7. Father, do a creative miracle in your Church. Psa. 1.1-5

8. Father, do marvelous creative miracles in our lives. John 9.1-7

9. Father, be our God in all our nations. 1 kings 18.36.39

10. Father, give us light in our heart to obey you as sheep obey the shepherd. Psa. 23.1

WEDNESDAY 23rd Jan 2019


1. Bless the name of the Lord for his protection over you and your family in past years. Ps 124

2. Thank God for preserving our lives, guidance and provisions. Ps 23:1-4

3. Thank God for the fulfillment of all the promises of God in past years.

4. Let us thank God for not allowing civil war in our country.

5. Let us thank God for not allowing hunger and famine in our country.

6. Father, please go with me in the journey of my life all through. Exodus 33:14-19

7. Father; wherever your presence cannot be, restrain my feet from going there also.

8. O my Father helps me to dwell in your presence always in this New Year and beyond. Psalms 91:1

9. Father; let me under the covering of your shadows. Psa 91:1

10. Father; let your angel encamp around me in all my ways

THURSDAY 24th Jan 2019


1. Pray that all our Pastors and Ministers will have a servant’s heart as Jesus. Phil 2:5

2. Pray that God will keep them from losing heart when ministry gets tough.

3. Pray that they will be faithful with the things that have been entrusted to upon them.

4. Father! Teach them Your ways so that they will know You and finds favor with You.

5. Father; Keep them open and honest before You and help them to represent the truth plainly. (2 Cor. 4:1; 1 Cor. 4:1-3; Ex. 33:13)

6. Keep them from indulgence and greed.

7. Help them keep hold of truth with a clear conscience .

8. Bless their households with peace and respect.

9. Fill them with Your Spirit and let them operate in wisdom as they carry out their responsibilities. (1 Tim. 3:8-9, 12; Acts 6:3)

10. Pray for your Pastors and other leaders that God will reverse every irreversible in their lives. Psa. 125.3

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