God Calling Movie Review

Just getting home from church. It’s 1am. we had a movie screening that ended around 10:30 but I stayed back to help clean up and also talk about what I thought about the film.

One of the lead actors, Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD) came through with his family and we had an amazing time!

The cast, script, production… EVERYTHING about this movie was AMAZING!!! I found myself crying at some point.

I promise you I’m not exaggerating.

This movie was a reminder that God has plans for each of us. A reminder that God wants to commune with us especially when we are experiencing the worst of situations. When we think He’s not there.

If we can just listen, obey and trust Him, instead of shut Him out. If we can discard what family and close friends are saying and just look to Him and hold onto what He’s saying to us.

God Calling is a story about faith, obedience and hearing the voice of God in the midst of storms. I’m super proud of how Christian movies are enhancing and by God’s grace I’ll be a part of that too. 🙏🏼

Q&A with RMD after the screening @ JHDC

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  1. Inspiring word in season……. Syncing with with what iv got in view for 2019……..God’s Calling n Destiny Fulfilment……. God bless u girl!!!

  2. Looking forward to watching 💕

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