The Apple Podcasts App – My Love Story

I’ve always loved listening to messages from my favorite preachers. I love Youtube but didn’t like that I always either had to have the app open and couldn’t do anything else.

This was before I found out about the YouTube Premium feature. Amongst other amazing things you can do with this feature, I love that I can lock my phone, go out of the app and still be able to listen but I already fell in love with my Apple Podcast App.

(If you don’t know about YouTube Premium, you should try it. There’s a 30 day free trial. You’ll love it!)

Can’t remember what made me download it but I started listening to Joyce Meyer & Steven Furtick’s messages on it in August and what I love most is that I get to do other things while I listen.

Sometimes, i rewind to take notes down or just to rehear what I think was deep and really need to sink it again. I’ll share some of what I took down from Joyce Meyer’s last week.

Wisdom makes the hard choice now so it will have a future benefit. Carnality does what feels good right now and doesn’t care what happens later on but later on always comes.

Our believing dictates our living.

You can’t let your heart get hard if not it’ll be difficult for God to reach you.

If you are sensitive to the Holy Spirit, you get it right away when God is not happy with you amongst other things instead of spending years in misery.

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