95 Days Till 2019

Image by me

Asked a few people on my Instagram and WhatsApp to share mistakes they’ve made this year. I got a lot of responses.

I liked that most of them had been able to learn from their mistakes and had started working on not to repeat them.

A few of us were still struggling. I’m still struggling to move past one big one I’ve made this year. I’m thankful I learned a lesson;

Never to invest in someone more than they invest in me especially when I’m just starting to get to know them.

Not just financially but emotionally and with my time.

Yesterday, I looked at my calendar and saw starting today, we have 95 days left in 2018. I’ve written down a few things I really want to have done before the countdown into the new year.

What mistakes have you made this year? Did you learn from it? Have you moved past it?

If you haven’t, I haven’t too but I believe we can.

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