You’re not alone

It’s 5:34am here in Silver Spring, Maryland. I’m calm now as I write this. I wasn’t 30 minutes ago.

Had a bad dream. Woke up praying in the spirit, scared. Tried calling my family back home in Nigeria, no one was reachable. Called one more person, he picked but call started reconnecting.

I panicked. “Does this mean I have no one to pray with or talk to“. This was the first time I’d have a bad dream & wake up praying. I felt alone.

As I started crying, my friend Lamide came to mind, she’s in Australia so I checked the time through the world clock app on my phone – 7:12pm. I immediately called her & broke down while explaining the dream & how I felt.

She reminded me about people who went through my situation in the Bible, encouraged me, then prayed for and then with me.

5:34am. I open my WordPress app and start typing. To be honest, when I started this blog, it was like my journal. Pour out my thoughts and how God helped me through different times in my life.

Truth is I’ve had to grow up myself and even though I can’t really say anyone has been there for me which is why I’ve grown to depend on myself, if I truly look at things, God has been the one person who has been there.

I don’t see Him so it’s hard sometimes but I remember praying, feeling at peace and help coming right after for me. So I’m not alone and you’re not alone too. God has your back, so the next time you feel helpless, pray.

I believe He led me to call Lamide and made sure she was available to listen and pray with me. You’re not alone. ❤️

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