RCCG July Fast – Day 2

Today, we’re asked to pray for forgiveness.

Bible texts: Jeremiah 31:34; Luke 23:34, 1kings 13:1-6; Act 7:54-60, John 3:16

Example of complete forgiveness in the Bible:

Joseph – Gen. 45:5-15; Gen 50:19-20

David – 1 Samuel 24:1-22; 2 Samuel 9:1-13

Prayer Points

Father!!! Please have mercy on me for not forgiving others and give me the heart of flesh to forgive in Jesus name.

Father!!! By your grace, I forgive totally all that have offended me; I released them from captivity of bitterness in my heart.

Father!!! By your Holy Spirit, touch the heart of those that I have offended to forgive and forget my offenses in Jesus name.

Father!!! I release all that have offended me now, please release every benefit and blessing that unforgiveness has delayed in my life, in Jesus name.

Fire of the Holy Ghost purge my heart of every unforgiveness in Jesus name.

Lord Jesus, by Your blood, release me from every family captivities resulting from inherited offenses.

Father!!! Everyone I need to forgive for my life to break through, please lead me to them now in Jesus name. Father!!! Let every seed of unforgiveness in my life be consumed by fire in Jesus name.

Father!!! Please eradicate every form of bitterness from my heart in Jesus name.

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