RCCG July Fast – Day 1

Happy new month! It’s the first day of the second half of the year. Pretty excited about kicking it off with a 21 days fast. God strengthen and keep us as we begin this journey. Amen.

Day 1 prayer points;

 Thank God for being on our side in RCCG throughout 2017 and for the past six months in this year 2018.

 Worship God who has been keeping you since your exodus into this year 2018. Exo 12:14-21
 Let us thank God for His mercy he has made available in sustaining us. Lam. 3:22-23
 Thank God for not allowing the enemy to succeed over you.

 Let us thank God for not allowing perpetual civil war to exist in the Nation where you are.

 Thank God for what He has done for you and every individual in RCCG. Globally. Ps 138


  Let us bless the name of our Lord Jesus Christ for the growth of Christianity in the Nations where Christianity had not been allowed before.

  Let us bless the name of the Lord for the Church of God that is marching forward despite the threat of the insurgents across the globe.

  Thank God for Daddy and Mummy G.O and for His mercy over them Exod. 33:19.

 Thank God for calling and backing up Daddy and Mummy G.O in this Great Commission.

  Let us thank God for His mercy on the family of Daddy G.O.

  Let us thank God for divine health in the family of Daddy G.O

  Let us bless the name of the Lord for His Hands of supports for Daddy G.O in the Mission generally.

  Appreciate God for all the souls won to the Kingdom through the Holy Spirit in all the outreaches where Daddy G.O had ministered this year.

  Thank God for providing for you and all yours.

  Thank God for you are still alive to praise His Holy name in 2018

  Bless the name of the Lord for His mercies over the life of every member RCCG globally.

  Thank God for fulfilling His covenants made with our founder in our lives and in all our churches.

Thank God for making us part of a covenant to prepare a people for Himself that will propagate the gospel of Christ at this time.


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