Getting tired of hearing God’s word?

Last night, I joined the monthly RCCG Holy Communion Service and while we were praying, i thought to myself “why do we often repeat prayer requests and listen to similar messages over time”.

In that moment, the Holy Spirt made me understand that it’s important we do this. Whether you hear the same scripture read to you over and over, you don’t know when you’ll need that word to help you go through life.

I mean, why is it that we have to keep charging our phones? Why can’t we just charge it once and the battery lasts?

It’s the same thing with everything else especially in our Christian life. We have to keep making an effort, taking daily steps because we believe.

If we think hearing the word just once or reading a chapter or verse of the Bible once is all we need, then we are wrong.

We mustn’t get tired of listening to messages, no matter if it seems like we’ve heard it a few times. We also should meditate on it, take out time to move it from our heads to our hearts. Then we must observe to do the word and then we can have good success. (Joshua 1:8)

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