The benefit of Christian friendship

Biola, God is real!! I’ve given my life to Christ and these past three months have been amazing. Everything I couldn’t achieve in all my years, I’ve been able to within this time. I understand better, I see things differently, my dreams are no longer lost.

Two weeks ago, my very close friend called me and said what I wrote above. I was so happy for him but happier he was telling me this.

Little did he know I was beginning to grow weary in my faith because I was under a lot of pressure and what he had just said to me helped strengthen my faith.

For years I had been talking to him about how God had shown His faithfulness in my life and encouraging him to take God more seriously but he never really took me seriously then.

If I had judged him or treated him funny in the past, I don’t think he would have even called me to let me know and I’d have probably gone into depression that period but I thank God I didn’t. All the testimonies he shared during that call made me realize I was giving the devil room to mess with me.

Keep praying for your friends around you who haven’t surrendered to Jesus, keep encouraging them by sharing your testimonies with them, let them see how important God is to you through your lifestyle and eventually, they’ll find God and He will be waiting for them.

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