How to avoid distractions that look like opportunity

This year alone I’ve had so many work opportunities come my way and at some point I was so overwhelmed. I couldn’t even make a decision as I didn’t even know what was best.

I eventually spoke with a friend who then advised me to pray about everything and ask God to take away distractions that look like opportunities.

It’s important we all pray this prayer so that you don’t waste your time and effort putting in work in something that won’t be fruitful or will bring stress. I’m sure at some point you’ll eventually get to this phase in your life.

I didn’t hear back from one person. The second client started behaving funny, the third client, I was honest with myself and saw that if I had taken the job it would just have been for the money and I really wasn’t interested and the last one is in process, which is actually the one I’m looking forward to starting.

I’m calmer now and now focusing on what’s important – the job I’m doing for my current client and learning how to improve my editing skills.

If you have so many opportunities at the moment, before committing, pray about them and ask God to take away the distractions. You’ll feel at peace on which to commit to as long as you’re honest with God and yourself.

Enjoy your day.

Photo: Examined Existence

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