Be Prepared

Be prepared. Do the ground work when it doesn’t make sense. – Steven Furtick

I got an amazing job and 50% of why I got the job was because of this blog. Yes! This blog.

I remember just before graduating from uni, December 2013, I could feel in my heart that God wanted me to write about my Christian journey and everything I learn as I go through life and then I signed up on WordPress that month.

I told a friend before I started and she sort of laughed it off but I thank God I didn’t let that put me down. Maybe she felt who would want to read my story, or if it was of any importance.

My writing has gotten better over the years. The last thing I thought I’d ever get through this blog was a job and not just a random job, I’d be relocating for it and that’s huge.

When I started, it was just to obey God and start writing my stories but now I have a vision to be one of the go-to people in my country and the world that people who seek for advice because they’ve seen God’s hand in my life and know He’s with me.

It didn’t make sense to my friend but it did to me. It might not make sense to the people around you or even to you but if God has laid something in your heart, please go ahead and start doing it.

Have a great day.


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  1. This is so cool! Keep sharing your story! It’s encouraging ❤️

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