I need to stop making the same financial mistakes

Earlier today, I realized I’m always in the same financial mess. This day I’ve have millions, the next day I’m struggling to stay afloat because I give everything out and don’t save.

I’m thankful that I’m very content and not materialistic else I’d have been in a lot for debt.

I had been praying to God to come through for me financially this week. Although, I have some people owing me and also funds I’m expecting from a client but all the promises of paying this week, nothing happened and I was beginning to question God.

I believe He made me realize today that it’s a good thing to give but I can’t keep repeating the same mistakes – giving everything I have and saving none for myself for rainy days or just expecting that things would happen because I’m giving.

My prayer is that when next money comes in, I plan it. Write down what I can give out, what I’m saving, what I’m using for what and then stick to it.

If you’re reading this please share how you manage your finances in the comment section. Thank you.

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  1. What I recently started doing was to transfer the money I intend to save into another account as soon as I get paid.
    It’ll be most preferable if your savings account doesn’t have an ATM card, so that you don’t withdraw your money except you really have to.

    I also draw up a budget, although I never really follow it.

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