Don’t expect them to support you when you start

When you discover why you do what you do, then you can make giant strides.

I remember when I started this blog, I didn’t get support from friends even at the moment, not a lot of them read my posts and that’s fine now.

I’ll admit when I started, I was abit upset. At some point I didn’t even want to continue writing because I felt no one really cared. It wasn’t until God made me understand the reason why me writing was important.

I write because I believe my stories and everything I’ve learnt can help others and get them to trust in God. Even if it’s one person everyday, that one person means a lot.

I eventually got over my friends not supporting and I kept writing and now, I have readers from over 50 countries.

There are days I don’t even put up writing a new article on my social media and I still have readers but this is because I kept at it.

Important lesson – it takes daily effort to build anything.

I want to use this medium to thank all of you who are following my blog and also those of you who read my articles.

So wake up every morning and put in effort in what you do and sooner than you expect, your work will start getting noticed.

Enjoy your day 🙂


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