Food for thought

Someone gives us their word and we believe it just like that. Sometimes we might not have even known this person for long, yet we hold on to it and begin to expect them to fulfill it.

They say something and it makes us happy. It’s refreshing. Someone even considers you and me in this way. Biola told me she’d do this, so definitely she will.

As much as integrity is an important virtue, I’m guilty of holding onto what people say, believing they’d come through and then getting disappointed.

The Holy Spirit made me understand that, if I choose to hold unto what God says instead of bank on people’s word, I’d have made the best decision ever.

God’s word has been constant from generations to generations. There are stories of His faithfulness in the Bible, in our lives and testimonies we’ve heard.

Why then does it seem hard to hold on to what He says? Is it lack of faith or because we don’t physically see Him?

The fact that we don’t see Him physically but yet He has done all these great things for us over the years is why we should make a decision today to believe what He says to us over what men say to us and strive everyday to stick with Him.

I pray God helps us to choose to stay with Him everyday, in Jesus name. Amen.

Photo: Huffington Post

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