Don’t get a sore throat from shouting


You can’t be who God doesn’t want you to be

Few days ago, i was discussing with my sister and family friend and my sister talked about how last year she thought to herself that she needed to start speaking out especially when people wronged her or got on her nerves.

She’s very calm so even the thought of her shouting was so funny to me. She has always been one to look for another solution rather than shout back or revenge. She’s like my dad. They are always EXTREMELY calm in situations other humans would flare up. I’ve always admired this about them.

She said one day someone upset her and yet the person was still shouting so she decided instead of be her usual self, let her shout back.

She had a sore throat afterwards and was so uncomfortable and this made her scrap that decision and choose to go back to being calm in situations regardless of people thinking she can’t stand up for herself.

When you are happy with yourself and not seeking to change, it makes things easier. You’re happy and at peace. There’s no drama. You’re able to help others because you’ll be emotionally and mentally healthy enough to provide help to another person.

There’s a different between having bad habits and wanting that to change and changing the very core of your being.

For me, I give a lot. Moments to when our discussion started, I was already becoming overwhelmed and thinking of learning to say no. I couldn’t even make this decision because this is what has always worked for me.

I’m extremely happy whenever I’m able to provide people help. It could be taking out time to do things for people or sharing my experience or giving material things, as long as it puts a smile on the other person’s face, I’m happy.

The one thing that has always worked for you is who you are. Don’t change that.


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