Tired of waiting?

Not knowing the time of God is what worries people. We are to be patient.

On Sunday, my pastor taught on patience and I really needed that message. I’m trusting God for a few things and they aren’t small things.

What do you say to yourself when nothing is happening? Do you begin to doubt God? Are you asking the wrong people for direction?

Nothing seems to be happening but it doesn’t mean God is absent so if you’re in a situation and you’re reading this, don’t follow the voice of men. Everything is timing.

In John 2v4, Jesus said “My hour has not yet come”.

As long as God is in what you do and you have chosen to do His will, you cannot fail. There is always a lesson to learn in every experience.

David said “I waited patiently on the Lord”. Have you asked yourself what God is saying about your situation?

There are things that needs to be developed in our individual lives so don’t give up on your dreams. Don’t give up on your visions. God will show up.

Wait patiently, God has His way.

I pray the grace we need to patiently wait on God be made available to us beginning from this second in Jesus name. Amen.

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  1. True! We need Grace and patience to see God’s work in our lives.

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