This is how you will stay spiritually fit

I was speaking to a friend a week ago about how we have different relationships in our lives. We have our family, close friends, colleagues and other people we know. Could be from church or we met at a function, those kind of friends.

When something happens with us, we know who to call and confide in. There are some things that happen to you that you wouldn’t share with your parents or even siblings. You’d reach out to your close friends.

Each of these people have their own effect and can help you in just that role they play in your life.

When it comes to God, unlike the rest of them, he can be there for you in every way you’ll need those people to be there for you. So when you need someone to teach you, if you ever get heartbroken and need someone to confide in, or you need money and all hope is lost, you don’t know how your provision will come, the Holy Spirit is there for you to talk to and ask to come through for you.

But you need to see the importance in balancing everything that will help your spiritual growth. Don’t just go to church and think that would cover it.

Just as you have several people in your life that play different roles to help keep you fit, the things we are to do to keep fit spiritually also play different roles.

So fast, pray, study the Bible, speak with other Christians to share what you’re going through and how you have learnt, go to church, take out time to worship and praise God.

I pray God gives us the strength as we make a decision today to stay fit spiritually. Amen.

Photo: RAD Experience

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