Guess who finally started using her bible study plan?

The devotional I use (open heavens) has a year long bible study plan. I’ve been using this devotional for years now (8 years). Every year I say to myself I’ll start the plan next year but that never happened until this year. I thank God.

We have been studying the books of Genesis and Revelation. One key thing I observed in Genesis (although we haven’t finished studying) was that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob & Joseph always stood out & excelled because they chose to follow God and everywhere they stayed, whoever they worked with or for, that person also enjoyed blessings from God.

They chose to follow God, this is the key part.

For days now, as I pray, I find myself asking God that because I’ve chosen to be with Him, as He blesses me, He should bless every client I work with and everyone that supports what I do in one way or another (for you it’s reading my posts) so that they know the God I serve is true and faithful to those who walk right with Him.

Don’t be a procrastinator as I used to be. Lol. I would have woken up to this truth long ago if I didn’t stall my bible study. Start yours today and if you’ve started keep it up.

I pray God helps us in Jesus name. Amen.

Have a great day today! 😊

Photo: Bible Study Tools

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