Let your solution to things be long term

I write notes to myself. Things I want to remember. Usually to caution me. Going through my notes this morning, I saw this;

Self control is power. When I loose that, I face consequences. Let my solutions to things be long term.

I’m glad I stumbled on this particular note this morning. I wrote this in November 2017. If truly I want to have a #WorryFree2018 this is something I must practice all year long.

I think we all should write notes to ourselves especially when we go through things. It could be a notepad you get for this or the notes application on your phone (which is what I use).

It serves as a reminder since we don’t always remember everything we go through. It can be for lessons you want to keep with you or something you want to start doing and haven’t gotten around to doing it.

Let your solutions to things be long term. Like I said yesterday in my post feelings come and go so don’t make decisions based on your feelings. This is a long term solution.

Have a great day today.

Photo: sott.net

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