“Feelings come & go so don’t make decisions based on your feelings”

One thing I’ve learnt is that everything is temporary. That job, school work, relationship, how we feel about certain things or people, even our time here on earth. It’s just a matter of time.

Over the years, I’ve made decisions, in some situations based on how I feel and it didn’t turn out well.

I remember going through a tough period at my old work place and all I really wanted to do at the time was quit. I spoke to my dad about what I was dealing with, he said;

“Don’t just quit because you’re going through a tough time, because wherever next you go, it will come with it’s own challenge which might be worse so instead of run away, ask God to give you the patience to go through the situation, give you the wisdom on how to handle it and the strength to go on without feeling bitter. Never show whether you’re angry or excited. Always smile, always be pleasant and trust God to bring you out of that situation”.

There was this period in my life I was so happy, I would commit to helping others and doing things for people just because I was so happy. I don’t regret the help I was able to give but the pressure I was under to fulfill my commitment weighed me down.

I’ve learned it’s best to wait for the feeling to pass. Now I don’t make promises as fast as I used to. I wait to see what I can truly assist with, without it being a burden to me. I’m learning to straight out let people know I can’t commit to things, instead of make that decision because we are both excited and when reality hits, I’m pressured.

It’s really just a matter of time before the anger or frustration subsides or the excitement wears out and you have to deal with the reality of the decision you just made.

So take time out, be excited, be sad, be upset but be sure to use your head when reacting or making decisions. Don’t do something you’d regret.

Enjoy your Saturday 🙂

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