Do you want to start experiencing testimonies? 

Happy new month Fam! ❤️ 

I feel really positive about this month. Actually been feeling positive about my plans for the rest of 2017 since Sunday. 

My devotional (Open Heavens) on Sunday morning talked about turning prophecies into reality and the service on Sunday in church was amazing! 

What i learnt from my devotional was that the people who keep praying after they hold on to prophecies actually experience it but those who just say Amen and never making any effort to ensure it is fulfilled never experience it. 

What has been your attitude towards the prophecies you are holding onto? Have you been Nonchalant? Are you praying for it’s fulfillment? Did you even hold onto any? 

Remember in my previous post I talked about it being a while i has gone to church. On Sunday, the Pastor kept prophesying into our lives and by faith I held on to three things and kept praying about them and they are already happening. 

If you’re wondering what I mean by prophecy, it is a prediction of what will happen on the future. For Christians, it is God promise or message to us about what will happen in our lives. 

Sometimes, God sends messages and promises to us through our pastors and when we receive it by faith and begin praying what we have received into manifestation, it happens. 

Go ahead and pray for the manifestation of every prophecy God has spoken to you that is yet to become a reality in your life. 

Have a great day today & a beautiful month ahead! ❤️

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  1. Thank you Biola! A new insight to prophecies 👍🏽 Happy New Month!!!

  2. Thanks for this

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