“I’m tired, I need a break”

It's easy to get distracted with our everyday life.

I created my blog and YouTube channel after hearing from God about the kind of content I was to create. This was my own way of reaching out to Christians who were down or about to give up on faith.

It was a way of reaching out to those who needed encouragement in the Lord and also those who didn't even know God.

Over the years, I have shared stories of my Christian walk, how I go through things, what I learn from devotionals and messages I read and listen too, sometimes my friends send me articles to post.

I have observed I stop posting articles whenever I'm sad or going through things and then when I get better, it's always difficult getting back to putting out articles because I've allowed laziness in.

I'm just realizing it was wrong to not care about the people who daily visit my blog whenever I'm going through this. Who knows, a lost soul might have been saved if I didn't stop writing.

God has called us to contribute towards kingdom advancement with our gifts. As we walk towards this, it gets tough or we don't see the results we expect sometimes so without realizing, we allow the pressure of daily living and getting by distract us.

Whatever way you have been serving God and being a blessing to others, it is important that we don't stop doing that, it's a way of allowing the enemy win. We can even share what we are going through with those we help.

This way, it allows them connect and understand us as well as give them a chance to help us through that situation whether it's through their prayers, suggestions or conversations.

I pray the good Lord gives us unusual strength and wisdom as we continue making efforts towards kingdom advancement in Jesus name. Amen.

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