Lessons for situations you face 

I got this as a whatsapp Broadcast message a few weeks back. I saved it so I can share with you. 

Anything that annoys you is teaching you patience and calmness. Anyone that abandons you is teaching you how to stand up on your own feet.

Anything that offends you is teaching you forgiveness and compassion. Anything that has power over you is teaching you to get greater power.

Anything that you hate is teaching you unconditional love. Anything that you fear is teaching you courage to overcome your fears.

Anything you can’t control is teaching you to let go. Any NO you get from humans is teaching you to be independent. Any problem you have is teaching you how to get solution to problems.

Any attack you get is teaching you the best form of defence. Anyone who looks down on you is teaching you to look up to GOD.

Always look out for the lesson in every situation you face in every phase of life.

Stay lifted. God bless you. 

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