Lessons learned so far this 2017

I woke up this morning feeling so positive about my plans for the rest of the year. This is probably because i had reflected on everything i had learnt this 2017 in every aspect of my life and i’m going to share with you.

Business: I had my friend come on board for a project i was working on when i didn’t really need her, I just wanted to patronise her because she had asked and the services she provided was a waste of money paid so i learnt not involve sentiments when it comes to business.

My Finances: Do not make promises when i am expecting a payment. Cut back on my spending and make more money.

My Relationships: With my friends and colleagues, when they upset me, i just keep overlooking instead of talk about the problem and then one day, I wake up so irritated and just pack them aside. I don’t respond to their calls or texts and this just does not resolve things.

Friends will disappoint me. They might not necessarily be my biggest supporters but don’t let that weigh me down. Keep pushing. 

I learnt to confront issues as they happen but when i’m calm so i am able to get my message across.

My Job: I recently switched departments from Admin to Programmes department so i’m now fully a Radio and TV presenter. Before, i could get away with mistakes since i was more of a guest artiste but now, i have to wake up, keep getting better, stay informed and improve my skill set so i don’t embarrass the organisation i work for and myself.

Other Responsibilities: Don’t take on a lot at a time. Always have a schedule and allow some time to be alone. 

People: If i want to help someone, a random person, an old friend or even family, instead of just giving them money, assist them in a way that after that one time, they’ll be able to get steady income so that they can become independent and not just keep coming back.

Although i know the desire to succeed is inborn and not everyone will be able to push to get what his or she wants, instead of just always handing out money and then getting frustrated when the person makes it a habit to keep asking me, i’d rather help set up an income stream for the individual using his or her interest or skill.

What have you learnt this year? Have you been living differently since then? Please leave your answers the comment section below.

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