5 Habits You Must Cultivate This Month


Happy New Month People!!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister Funmilayo Kate Jinadu.

Thank you for always being there for me financially, academically, emotionally, spiritually, everything-ally (lol). I love you so much and i pray you have the best day today! I pray that the good Lord continues to uplift you, bless you and grant you all that your heart desires according to His will.

It is the third month of the year. Hope you have been making change in every area of your life? By God’s grace i have been and i pray it continues that way.

This is my personal opinion of habits we should cultivate this month of march and it might be difficult at first adjusting for those of us who aren’t used to this (it was and is still hard for me but i am disciplining myself and i think i’m doing a good job with this).

1. Drink and Eat Healthy: I used to be the queen of sugar and junk food. I did not even like drinking water but l disciplined myself and started a water challenge and i was able to complete it. So now, i have gotten used to drinking at least a bottle of water and i can go without taking any soda for days. I observed my skin is glowing and i always feel refreshed.

I still do not like eating, so i’m working on eating well but i have cut off junk food. Yay me!.

2. Start Saving: As at last year i had no savings. Every time i saved up something, i always ended up spending it. This year, my dad advised my siblings and i to join Stanbic IBTC pension scheme and besides that i have decided on having an extra account i can’t touch and pay in something there every month.

3. Be Honest: Believe me when i say you need this for your peace of mind. I realised that everything God asks us to do is actually for our own good. Yes it might be difficult because of the battle with the flesh but thank God for the Holy Spirit who helps us.

Anyone who truly knows me, would know that is the last thing i would do. At first my reason for always being honest was because i felt lying was unnecessary but now, the fact that it saves me from drama and it pleases God is why i will always be honest.

4. Be Disciplined: Not just with work, in every area of your life. For you to even be able to cultivate these habits, you need to be disciplined. So sleep early, get to work early, deliver on your tasks, save, be committed to everything you do and with others.

5. Take Breaks: Even God took a break on the seventh day. A little rest from time to time is needed. Take out time to see a movie, hang out with friends and family, sleep, read a book, go on vacation, the list goes on.

Have a great day today!

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  1. So nice

  2. Love your posts. Short and straight to the point. Also, I love the fact that you always remind us how far into the year we’ve gone; a means to keep my goals in check.
    God bless.

  3. I love the post, it’s really nice, very clear, concise and impeccable.

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