Dear Parents, How Do You Do It?


For the past two weeks i have been so stressed. My body, weak from lack of sleep and then on and off headaches. I have been doing a lot of brain work, i don’t really like eating so there is not enough food in my body for strength.

If not for God i probably would have been admitted because for some days now i wake up at 5:45am but i find it difficult getting up till about 6:30am sometimes 7 am.

This morning i woke up and i couldn’t get myself out of bed for another hour. I was feeling so weak. I prayed for strength, eventually got up and then went to the hospital.

The doctor said its stress and i needed to rest, drink a lot of water and eat properly.

On my way to work i began to think about parents. I’m still single. There is no one depending on me to take care of them. All i have to do is fend for myself and i am this stressed?

I have always thought that when i get married, all i will have to do is adjust. Now i think this is beyond adjusting. There has be a special grace for parenting because you have a lot of things you are juggling and right now i think i have to start praying for that grace in advance.

My mum gave me a book titled Success Under Stress. I’m going to start reading that today and then share what i learn from it.

Dear parents, how do you do it?

You have so many responsibilities and you are still able to stay strong, healthy and alive for your children. If you are a parent and you read this article, please share your answer in the comment section below. Thank you.

Have a great day today! πŸ™‚


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  1. Just like you rightly said, it is the grace of God that sustains us parents. We give God all the glory!!! Try to do one thing at a time and trust God for breathing His breath upon what you have done and you will see yourself gliding through. God bless and keep you strong and focused in Jesus name!

  2. Dear Abiola, the first thing you must do is develop a deep inner desire to be a responsible wife and mother and then start praying to God to direct your steps towards achieving this deep desire. The second thing is to begin actively working and learning to achieve this goal by studying your parents (if you have responsible and God fearing parents like I had), watching, reading and learning from good resources and ceaselessly meditating on those information you get from these media so they get “deposited” richly in your heart. This way when you finally get married you won’t need to think to know what to do as a responsible wife and mother and even daughter/sister in law. Thirdly desire ONLY a God loving/fearing man as your life partner and begin NOW to discuss with God about meeting that specific person as you continue growing in your career and your relationship with God. You MUST always be sincere in EVERYTHING which is not a common thing in today’s society but the good thing is, God always “watches the back” of the “pure in heart”, I guess that’s why they are the ones who Jesus says will “see God”. Parenting is great work if done responsibly, it has its “pains” but the “gains” far out weigh all of the pains when you see your children become responsible parents themselves. Begin to prepare NOW and look joyfully to becoming a responsible wife and mother. God bless you my Baby.

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