Five Things You Can Be Sure To Get If You Have A Divine Encounter With God



TEXT : 1 kings. 19:19-21

Elisha had several things from his divine encounter with God, but here are five important things that happened with him from divine encounter with God. 

1. He got a divine visitor . 

When he woke up that day he never expected a visitor 

Ex.3:1-5 . Moses never expected a visitor , but he got one . 

Judges.6:1-16 . Gideon never expected a visitor , but He got one . 

1Sam. 16:11-13. -David was in the bush looking after his father’s sheep, when a visitor came to visit him. 

Father , in your own special way, send me a divine visitor in Jesus name.  

2. He got a divine touch when ELIJAH laid his mantle on him

ELIJAH was a powerful man of God

1 kings. 1836-39. 2 king. 1:1-15 

Elisha got a touch from God 

Whenever a man get a touch from God , he gets a miracle from God .


Mark.10:46-52. Of all the people in the crowd only the blind man got a touch from God . 

Father, give me a divine touch tonight . 

3. When one door closes, another one will open.  

Ex.3,4:20. When moses had an encounter with God , a door close and another one opened . Ex.14:1-15. 

Luke.5:1-11. Another door opened to Peter when he had an encounter with Jesus . 

Father, open new doors to me tonight 

4. Elisha began his journey into his destiny.

Jere.1:4-5. Everyone has destiny to fulfil 

Jere.29:11. That plan of God for my life is good one and that is call destiny

Moses knew he was not an ordinary man. The day he had divine encounter he began his journey to his destiny . 

Father, let me begin my journey into my destiny .

5. From that day onward Elisha had a change of level.

 John.5:1-9 . After this encounter , this man left the company of the sick

2 kings. 4:1-7. After the encounter , this woman left the company of the poor 

Father , my level must change from tonight . 

Ex.12:30-36 . 

Nothing goes for nothing , if all these we talked about must come to pass in our lives, we must do the following :

1. We must totally surrender to God 


Matt.10:41. If you recieve a prohet in the name of a prophet , you will get a prophets rewards . 

We must join The army of the Lord  

Acts.1:8 . God will give us a divine touch so we can win souls. 

We must become an active member of the army of the Lord

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