Asking for help makes you weak? Lies! 

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I learnt something today.

I have always known its importance but you know how we learn about an aspect of life but never really let it sink, so we just live each day till something triggers that knowledge? Can you relate?

This article is on relationships but specifically about what two or more people can create after discovering what each individual is good at. I used to think depending on people made me weak so I grew to always do things for myself.

If at all I had no idea on what I wanted to do or lacked the skill, I would rather learn or read about it. I could never just trust myself to let someone handle anything for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you should depend on people always but I realized that doing things all by myself without any help especially when it is not something I am good at, slows me down and sometimes gets me all worked up.

For example, my friend Dupe owns a site, I enjoy writing, so I contribute by writing articles that people can relate to and learn from. I am terrible at giving my articles headlines, Dupe is great at creating headlines so we work together.

This is just one relationship. We all definitely have friends and family in different fields. Although not all relationships might be about creating something but I believe that if two or more people have skills that can bring about something great, why not go for it. 

As time goes on, we should learn to share our ideas with our friends and families to see how they can contribute if they are interested and even if they are not, their advice would definitely go a long way.

I think it is okay to be dependent on our friends, loved ones and even people we just met, when it comes to creating something that meets a need as long as you both are complementing each other’s abilities.

What do you think?

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