No Romance Without Finance

Candid Christian

This article is on the place of money in relationships. Money is very important. The bible says money answereth all things, it also says that money is a defense.

It has been discovered that a lot of quarrels people have in relationships and marriage are linked to money/financial matters. Even with people that are just friends, money may break the friendship.
Even in bible times, money was powerful. It had weight.

Money itself is actually not the problem. Greed, mis-management, lack of focus, fear, your mindset and the likes are the problem.

Love is expensive. You can’t afford to remove the issue of money from a relationship. Love costs money. You make phone calls, give gifts, make visits, plan your wedding (if you make it through courtship), pay school fees amongst other responsibilities.

If you do not have the capacity to give, you don’t have the capacity to love. Love…

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