RCCG Fast – Day 3 Prayer Points

#1. Intense praise and worship.

#2. Thank God for genuine men of God and their ministerial assignments in RCCG. Mk. 16: 16-18.

#3. Thank God for fighting for your country against destruction and terrorists. Ps 91:1-3.

#4. Thank God for blessing your country and making her triumphant over her enemies of progress. Ps 124.

#5. Thank God for giving your country victory over civil war. Ps 91.

#6. Thank God for His good hands that is upon RCCG. Neh. 2: 8.

#7. Thank God for blessing this generation with Daddy and Mummy G.O. Gen 12: 2-3.

#8. Thank God for blessing RCCG in every aspect of life. Rom. 9:15-16.

#9. Thank God for Great expansions in RCCG. Eccl. 9:11.

#10. Thank God for all the Holy Ghost Services, Holy Ghost Congresses and National conventions. Ps.127:1.

#11. Thank God for being good to us in RCCG.ps 124:1-8.

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